The Game

Recently, I watched an old movie starring Hayley Mills “Pollyanna”, who came to live with her maiden aunt after the death of her missionary father.  Her aunt Polly was extremely wealthy and ran the town.  Its citizens followed a strict code of conduct and weren’t particularly happy. Pollyanna’s character, upon arrival introduced the philosophy of “The Game.”  Her father taught her to look at the bright side of things, even when disappointed in circumstances, or in people.  “If you look for the good in people, you are sure to find it” was the inscription on the necklace given to her by her father.  There are more than 800 happy texts in the Bible Pollyanna told the Pastor portrayed by the late actor Karl Malden.  He went and looked up every single one of these “happy texts” and it dramatically changed his ministry, and relationship with the townspeople.

Cynicism, malaise is creeping into our thoughts, actions, and deeds.   Are you looking for the good in people at the home, the supermarket, store, bank, school or on your job?  You might say, you don’t understand what I’m going through.  You don’t understand the news I just received.  My kids, my spouse, my job, my work, my life….there is nothing good here now.  You are so wrong.  Good is always present.  “Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from Heaven above, with wisdom, power and love, our God is an awesome God” are lyrics from a song sung by Helen Baylor.  Our awesome God has given abundant life.  He has given us the perfect planet in which to live.  He has given us his Only begotten Son Jesus to rescue us from the wages of sin and the grave.  He has given us family, opportunity to use our gifts and abilities, and so much more.   We are his beloved children, stewards and ambassadors who should be looking for the good in others.  The world needs us looking through the lens of good so they can have hope.  So go find a happy text in the Bible, and then play the Game.   Remember: When you look for the good, you will surely find it.

1 Corinthians 13


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