The Second Read

My husband taught a class entitled, “The Power in God’s Word“.   He used the first five chapters of Genesis to get the class to understand how important it is to read the Bible, not just for the sake of reading, but also for understanding.  He used the illustration of Seth (Cain and Abel’s brother) to show how easy it is to miss connections and relationships between events, timeframes, and biblical figures.  So how should one read the Bible? Pray first and ask the Holy Spirit for understanding, read slowly, and do a second read.

Let’s face it. We won’t truly understand who we are and our purpose with a cursory read of God’s Holy Word.  The average 21st Century Christian is woefully lacking in their knowledge, and understanding of God’s Word.  They pick up some bits and pieces, but not enough to produce the Power they should have.

The Bible said “my people perish from a lack of knowledge.”  That lack of knowledge is evident in our daily walk, and in our homes, schools, communities, businesses, and even in the church. The body of Christ does not reflect the Power of God. Just take a look around you.  Do you see evidence of the awesome power of God?

Taking time to study is part of our responsibility as servants, and inheritors of the Eternal blessing. Study helps us to rightly divide the word of truth.  As a consequence, we regain power that was lost, when our fore-parents sinned in the Garden of Eden.  We re-gain lineage [family line, ancestry, roots] and heritage [legacy, birthright, inheritance] from the power in God’s Word.

Do a second read for understanding, and for the power in God’s Word.

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