Deep Knowing

My husband and I made an 11 hour road trip yesterday to see our granddaughter perform in a dance recital.  Watching her and others dance, I thought, at what moment do we recognize our special gift or talent? What triggers the thought this is what I want to do, this is who I am, this is what I came to do?   I’ve read that some can recall in vivid detail the moment they realized their gift or purpose.  They called it a “deep knowing” which they stated made them realized this is why God made them.  With this knowing they move into the flow of their giftedness.

There are plenty of distractions, lost opportunities which delay, or prevent this discovery.  Lots of people go through life feeling there is nothing special about them.  That they are not valued, and have nothing to contribute. Some abused, and discarded souls fail to launch sensing their only purpose is to experience pain, and not to experience the feeling of being in their destiny.

What I witnessed yesterday was the beginning stages of recognition.  It was evident on some dancer’s faces, in their movements and in their eyes. There was a yes, this is what I am supposed to do.

Why is this important?  God wants us to recognize who and what we are.  He wants us to express our gifts and talents.  Expressing our gifts shows our gratitude to Him, and give the world a chance to experience more of God.  The Bible tells us, “Every good and perfect gift comes down from Him”. Our source and connection to the Creator and Source of All Things is the creative lifeline. We were made in his likeness and image, and because of it, there is a longing to express beauty, love, peace. [Genesis 1:25-27] 

The moment you begin the journey of discovery you change.  Life flows differently.  Just as some of those young people yesterday began discovering their gifts, it can happen to you.
It has been a joy and privilege to watch the flower of discovery unfold in our grandchildren.   I believe their journey of learning who they are, and what God made them for will culminate in pure joy.  As they move forward, and they will come closer to God, and their purpose. Ecclesiastes 8:6 states, “to every purpose there is a time”, and there is an eternal plan for us.  While we are here, we are called to demonstrate to the world who we truly are [Ephesians 3:11].

Everyone was given something unique in which to express their connectedness to the Holy One.  It’s quite remarkable.  Just as Jesus’ purpose was to reveal His deity, and destiny to mankind, so to are we.  Do you know your purpose?  Are you expressing your true gifts and talents? Do you know what they are? If not, take the journey of discovery.  The world needs to experience those precious gifts.  Don’t hide them under a bushel.

Liturgical Dance performed by Elder Cassandra Henry. All rights reserved. Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 2008.


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