His Grace is Sufficient

Made in God’s Image

I am a woman who is strong in the Lord. Even when my body may be tired or weak, my spirit remains strong.

I have strength to face trials, for the Lord is my deliverer; I have strength to walk through dark places, for the Lord is my light;

I have strength to face tears, for the Lord is my comforter. I need never fear for the Lord is with me. His hand is over me, His love covers me, His peace is within me, and all around me are the everlasting arms.

When I am weak His grace is always there as my sufficiency. I depend totally upon Him, for His strength never weakens, His might never diminishes, and His power never fades.

I can do everything He calls me to do, when He asks me to, because Christ strengthen me.

I have strength to even be still, and do nothing at all, if that is what He asks of me.           Author unknown


“But He said to me, ‘ My Grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” II Corinthians 12:9, 10 NIV

My Friend is Gone

My day began with sadness, as a community recalled the life and legacy of Jean Fonville.  A woman of tremendous faith who devoted all she had to her husband, family, church and to her God. Her best friend of 45 years, and Godmother to her daughter said sadly, “My friend is gone.” Her gentle conversation mingled with tears, sorrow and disbelief spoke volumes of a relationship that span not only years, but every connected moment. Moments built on joys, challenges, and the inevitable cycles of life cemented in their love for one another. The statement, which briefly sounded so final, open the door to a moment of realization, as she said one day we will see each other again. Losing a loved one is never easy. Thoughts of past experiences enjoyed gives way to the knowledge that those moments, or others like them, are forever lost. But as her friend said to me with complete confidence, I know I will see her and the next time will be different for both of us.

As I ponder her comments, and those of my dear friend of many years, I wrote in my journal, ” The legacy of lives brought together by a single act or [encounter] forged a bond that is broken [momentarily] by death. The next time Jean and her friend see each other it will be like the ending of the story of the prodigal son, what was lost is now found.  Her dear friend is gone, but oh what a glorious reunion awaits them.  Rest in peace Jean.
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Love Divine

A dear friend of mine will share a message later this month on the boldness of love. When one thinks of boldness, and of love, the two don’t seem to complement one another. Boldness is often depicted as acts, or feats of physical strength and endurance, and possibly sacrifice.  Love comes in flowers, long tender looks, songs, poems, gentle words and touch.  And yet Christ came packed with both and much more.  For it took courage, daring, bravery, and if I can be so bold, guts to come shaped in human flesh to seek and save lost humanity.   It took great love to rearrange, for a period of years divinity into a recognizable gift that some would accept and cherish.  It was boldness and love to confront sin in all its forms and defeat it with power, majesty, dominion, and authority. It was love wrapped in power that enables our Lord to conquer sickness, raise the dead, and demonstrate to humanity how to truly live as God’s greatest creation.
Love Divine, with omnipotent boldness moved us from the wilderness of sin that bleak, desolate place to the region of healing and restoration to love’s throne.  No greater love than this, as scripture says, that a man lays down his life (love) for a friend.  Even in our wildest imagination, it is impossible to fathom how and why this was done, when there is daily evidence of our unworthiness. And yet, love divine came, love divine conquered, and love divine challenges us to love as He loves us.


I recently celebrated my birthday (the entire month), during which I considered the blessings of an amazing husband, phenomenal children and grandchildren, terrific sisters and brothers, wonderful nieces and nephews, adorable aunts, and uncles, and the legacy of parents and grandparents.  I also pondered the blessing of having an enormous extended family and friends from across the country and around the world.  Their lives created splendid gateways, and bridges of faith and love which strengthened, and sustained me, even through some of the hardest and darkest times of my life.  So, instead of looking for gifts, I took the opportunity extend blessings to this community of love.   Overwhelmed with gratitude for each of them I shared “blessings.”  I wanted them to know how deeply honored and privilege I am/was for them being part of my life.  It is already February, and I am continuing the process, which I suspect will continue for some time.  But as a dear friend told me, every day you wake up on this side of glory is your birthday.

Birthdays are fun and special.  We look forward to those milestone birthdays, like becoming a teenager, or that special present.  Like Christmas morning, we wake up and can’t wait for the party, presents, and all the attention lavish on us on our special day of the year.

Birthdays are fun, special and a blessing.    And blessings are gifts as well as promises from God which enable, enhance and enrich life.  In the OT, a blessing was the “essential component to the covenant relationship God has with man and with nature.” He blessed nature (Gen. 1:22), and humans (Gen. 1:28), and mankind serves as vessel of divine blessing to others.  In the NT, blessings became more than material items; they transcend to the spiritual, the eternal and from one person to the body of Christ.  Christ gave us the mandate to share the Good News and equip the body of Christ.  In other words, show others the way to Christ and thereby be a blessing.  Through our gift giving of Christ,  those who are living in darkness can receive and experience a “new Birthday.”  The day in which they become a “new creature”; a “new creation” in the family of God.

Yes, birthdays are truly wonderful to experience and share.  Maybe today is your birthday or the birthday of someone you know.  That person may be just a phone call away, or perhaps gone on to be with the Lord.  However, somewhere on this planet, or within your community is a person who needs you to let them know this is their “special” day – their birthday.  Share the love of Christ by telling them how much they mean to Christ and to you.  Enable, enhance or enrich their day.   Your message may be that “once in a lifetime gift” that will restore hope to their weary soul, and enable them to receive the blessing of Christ.

If it is your birthday, may Almighty God bless you and yours abundantly in health, in knowledge of Him, and in the labors of your hands and heart. May His glory shine upon you, and make your home a safe haven. May His joy be your strength, and protect you from all hurt, harm and danger as you follow the Him all the days of your life.  Happy Birthday.

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