Loving Eyes

Yesterday, as we prepared to leave to attend our uncle’s funeral, I thought about how we look at each other.  Although we are made in the image of God, we look at each other differently.  There are eyes of compassion, love, judgment, joy, sorrow, pain, celebration, and yes even hate.

Press the pause button for a moment, and recall someone special in your life.  Maybe it is your mother, father, grandparent, spouse, friend, or a child.  Bring that person into your mind’s eye.  What and how do you feel?  Are you smiling, right now?  Does the very thought of that person brings joy to your heart?   When we look at these special individuals, we look at them with loving eyes.    My uncle looked at me with loving eyes.  I knew his look.  It was a look of acceptance and appreciation.  I was valued, and important to him.   Everything about me was okay, and in return I looked at him with loving eyes.

Our Lord looks at us with the most indescribable loving eyes.  Everything about us at divine levels we can’t even imagine is filtered with love.  He looks at you and me with eyes of love – smiling eyes, hopeful eyes-grace filled eyes.  Only His loving eyes could look at us and say yes I will go to Calvary. [John 3:16] Only His loving eyes could see our sins, and love us anyway. 1 John 4:8 “God is love.”  Only Jesus could look at us, and despite our mistakes, flaws, challenges, see the beauty of our destiny with Him.  Jesus loving eyes looks at us daily, and sees God the Father’s crowning achievement in creation with love and compassion.  [Proverbs 10:12 (b) “…love covers all sins.” NKJV.]  What a glorious thing it is to know our Savior looks at us with those loving eyes.

I challenge you to look at others with the loving eyes of Jesus.  It is our role as His ambassadors to demonstrate His love to this hurting world. They need to see His loving eyes through us.  So look at someone with His loving eyes, and let them experience being appreciated, and accepted and loved.

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