Kingdom Questions

Last evening, our pastor gave us 11 questions to answer focusing on the Kingdom. This morning I am sharing them with you.  Devoting time to see exactly where I am in the Kingdom is what I call “spiritual re-alignment“.  Just as our tires need regular realignment after miles and miles of travelling, so our spirits, minds and souls need a “spiritual re-alignment” to stay steady and straight on the road(s) of life.  I pray this exercise will be a blessing to you as you re-align yourself closer to Almighty God.

1. What is the Kingdom [of God]?
2. Are you in the Kingdom of God?
3. How long have you been in the Kingdom?
4. Do you work for the Kingdom?
5. What do you do in the Kingdom?
6. How many people have you recruited into the Kingdom?
7. How do you effect the Kingdom?
8. Will you support the Kingdom?
9. Will you work harder for the Kingdom?
10. Will you spread the word about the Kingdom?
11. Will you pray for the Kingdom?

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