Sacred versus Secular

Prophet, priest, preacher, pastor, nun, clergy, deacon, missionary, minister, reverend…all titles when spoken or read brings to mind roles devoted to the “sacred“.  Work or activities thought to be set apart from everything else.  The doctor, lawyer, corporate executive, dishwasher, cook, mechanic, receptionist, or teacher is involved in “secular” pursuits. These are relegated to the “other” realm.  One group is sacred, holy, the highest of all endeavors.  The “other” is lower, common, valued but certainly not on the same level as those involved in God’s work.   “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”…,and God said “it was good”.   Our creator, the maker of all there is and every will be, engaged in work and called it good.   He used, of course we don’t know how, his eternal glorious matter to “create”, to bring into existence that which did not exist previously.  When we are engaged in “work”, we are also creating that which is good, and had not existed before, or at least not at same level, nor in same way.   One is holy, and one is not.  One is for God, and the other is for man.  To quote Eugene Peterson, “Separating life into distinct categories of “sacred” and “secular” damages, sometimes irreparably, any attempt to live a whole and satisfying life, a coherent life with meaning and purpose, a life lived to the glory of God”.   Work is not just what we do from Monday to Friday with an hour or half hour lunch break, or whatever the schedule may be. Work is about the “sacred creative process” of using everything, our very “eternal matter” and bringing into existence the “good”.   Our engagement into the seamless activity of vocational sacredness links our divine gifts into a symphony of harmony unto God.  There is no fragmentation, or “great divide”.  There is wholeness which combines our minds, bodies and souls to Him.   We received from him, and through our work, we give back to Him.

Be reminded, it does not matter your occupation, rank, profession, career, or job, for as God made us for Himself, our work life is a consecrated extension of our entire life.

God, thank you for allowing us the privilege of using our work life to bring honor and glory to you. Amen.

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