“Giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge…2 Peter 1: 5,6

I awoke this morning rather tired after a full week of ministering and hosting saints at our annual convention.  I truly had to press through on all levels, as I and the amazing team of volunteers attempted to demonstrate (exhibit) and embody the theme of the convention; “A Spirit of Excellence.”   Diligence is the persevering application, according to Merriman-Webster Collegiate Dictionary to an assignment.   It is the hard work, and the belief that work is good in itself.  This was a good work; the intersection of gratefulness and desire to please God.  The unity and love which guided our determined conviction opened the door for exuberant praises, and manifestations of healings, and revived spirits.  I am thankful that God in His infinite grace kept us on course through every minute details, every tasks, every crisis and every celebration.  As He does in so often throughout our lives, God demonstrates his diligence in taking care of his children.

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