God is our refuge

“God is our refuge and our strength (Psalm 46:1-3)…a very present help in the time of need.”

 Yesterday, I attended a women’s conference where speaker after speaker gave powerful testimony of the truth of this familiar passage.  A damaged heart healed, tumors miraculously gone, shattered lives mended.  Stories of enormous physical and emotional suffering, and lost, and how God truly became their refuge and their strength.  This was not fantasy.   These women had a personal encounter with the living God, and their stories became ours.

God is our refuge and our strength.  God’s power provides strength.  His presence gives grace.   We can face our todays and tomorrows, because we are sheltered from and within.  Sheltered in God’s arms, we have confidence, and faith in Him who will not leave us.  There is unwavering belief in a God that cannot lie.  He said He will be with us until the end.  We have a blessed assurance in a God that can accomplish what man cannot.  Knowing and believing in who God is changes us.  Our lives become a beacon; a shining lighthouse for those washed up by life’s stormy seas.  And just like these women, we reflect the beauty and glory of God; a God who will never leave us, nor forsake us, even during the worst times of our lives.

As the conference ended, there was renewed hope and strength.  We can tell their stories, and ours of how God rebuilds, restores, and became for each of us our refuge and our strength.    

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  1. What a wonderful reminder of others and our own testimony of God’s much appreciated refuge in these perilous times…. 😉
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