“Seek the Lord, and find rest. Do what is good, and right in the sight of the Lord, and prosper. Remove and break the idols, the things binding you and become mighty. Trust in the lord, and prevail against an army.”

Though you may feel weak, and feeble, you possess the power of the universe.  One touch from the Master’s hand, and the weak become strong, the poor become rich, the oppressed are made free.   Trust in His mighty power.  Trust and believe that all things are possible to those who believe.  Trust that your problems are solved.  Trust that He will take care of you.

“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised);… Hebrews 10:23   God is not a man.  God can never lie.  He is faithful and just, and His word is true.  Trust in the light and love of Christ.  Trust in Him who never fails.  Trust the Lord of lords, and the King of kings today.

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