Are you a passionate worshipper?

When was the last time you really worship? I mean experience God’s presence to the point you felt free.  Are you a passionate worshipper? Oftentimes, our culture conflicts with our inner desire to “enter into the Holy of holies.”   As one writer wrote, ” Passion for His presence will mark all that we are, and nothing will be more important than maintaining His presence in our midst.”   Feeling the blaze of the Lord, the oil of joy, and the beauty of His holiness transcends earthly pleasures.  It lifts us.   “Simply being with Him cleanses, refreshes, and satisfies.”

So much of our “worship experience” on Sunday is more performance than passion, more formal than informal, more staged than serene.   Now it has becomes an activity mainly marked by singing, clapping and perhaps dancing.   It lacks genuine connection with Him who is our all in all. Our worship experience with God should be so much more.  It should be like the sounds of heaven, where the angels and 24 elders continuously sing glory and praises to God and our Lord.  Passionate worship should make us one with the angelic chorus…our voices, our lives moving in harmony and rhythm to the great “I AM” in gratitude and thanksgiving for joy that besets our souls.

Are you a passionate worshipper?  Passionate worship should be daily, and not just relegated to a few short minutes on Sunday.  When was the last time you really worship God?  Can you recall it?  Where was it?  What were you doing?  How did it make you feel?  Does your life, your essence express glory to Him who is worthy of all our praise? Just like the 24 elders around the heavenly throne, we should worship Him each and every day.  We should never limit when to worship God.

How does one become a passionate worshipper?  God provided very clear and specific about what is biblical worship.

  1. Standing  – 2 Chronicles 9:7
  2. Lifting our hands – Psalm 28:2, 1 Timothy 2:8
  3. Clapping our hands  – Psalm 47:1
  4. Bowing – Psalm 95:6
  5. With all forms of instruments – Psalm 150
  6. Loudly, with crashing symbols – Psalm 150
  7. Dancing – Exodus 15:20; Psalm 30:11
  8. Leaping – Acts 3:8
  9. Shouting – Psalm 47:1

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord”, everyday.  Enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise, daily.  Passionate worship; expressions of joy and thanksgiving transforms our spiritual walk.  It releases us to experience more of the abundant life.  We become healers, givers, providers, mighty men of valor,  virtuous women, builders of God’s kingdom, creators of beauty,  restorers of the breaches.  Passionate worship puts a finger in the oozing hole of guilt, pain, and suffering.

God wants us to worship to Him with all of our hearts, all of our hearts, and with all of our souls.    When we experience exuberant, intense, intimate, passionate worship, it releases “joy unspeakable.”

Passionate worship is loving God.  Are you a passionate worshipper?      

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