Memorial Day

Memorial Day signals the first official day of summer. What are your plans for the day?  Going to a family picnic, or the pool? Maybe you’re off to do a bit of shopping, or going to visit with friends or loved ones.   Whatever your plans remember the reason for the day.  The purpose of Memorial Day is to salute those who fought and died while serving in the armed forces.

God established memorials early in mankind’s history.  Memorials are mental markers.  They help to recall the significance of an event.  They are also visible reminders used to teach and pass on history to the next generation.

So, pause for a moment to give thanks for servicemen and women for their sacrifices, and remember those still serving, including their families. And while you’re at it, please give thanks for those saints past and present who suffered, died, and offer prayers for those experiencing persecution right now for the gospel.  They also deserve our prayers for advancing the cause for Christ.


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