Pursue Unity

No wars, no fighting, no bombs, or guns, military or the need for borders to be protected.  No court systems, or prisons or jails, think of it…a world without the chaos, turmoil devoid of conflict, strife.  A place where people live in harmony working out their differences in ways which respects the inherent value of the other person.  A tall order!  A world where peace reign supreme.  What’s happening in your world today?  Are you pursuing unity?  How about that family member, or co-worker who got on your nerve yesterday or even this morning?  Are you pursuing unity or your position?  Think about the disagreement, or grudge you’ve held for the past days, or months, or years…has it been resolved?  Is the relationship with the other person been restored?  Or are you carrying weight from years of pursuing pain, bitterness, disagreements, fighting?

2 Corinthians 13:11 said  “Aim for perfection, listen to my appeal, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.”  Be of one mind, live in peace and God will be with you.   Think of it – God will be with you if you be of one mind-his mind and live in peace with others. We don’t have to spend our lives in constant conflict and turmoil. We don’t have to begin the day in dread and fear because of misunderstandings over some trivial matter or thing, or the important matter of the day.  Someone once asked the question, “Do your words and actions pursue a path of peace?” in a book I read.  I pondered how many times, and often  I personally pursued peace and unity.  When I did, I experienced the peace of God, and my world was filled with more love, joy, peace, happiness than turmoil, strife, and pain.  I also have realized that if I did not pursue unity then I experienced and carried the weight of the alternative.

God wants us to pursue unity with each other, and within ourselves.  Listen to God’s voice, pursue unity today, and experience peace.

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