There are different seasons in the Midwest: fall, winter, spring and construction.  Around Easter, provided the weather is just right, little orange cones start popping up along with lilies and crocuses.  Highway construction crews begin their annual process to repair our roadways, highways, and byways.  I got to thinking about our roadwork that occur within the different seasons in our lives.  In Matthew 7:13-20, Jesus tells the disciples there is a narrow gate to life, and few will find it.  There is also a broad way that many will travel on.  This one leads to destruction.  Isn’t it interesting how when we see the roadways ahead, instead of staying on through the narrow path, and we begin our own construction projects?  We try to broaden these roadways, creating our own little superhighway. There are those who tunnel under it [the narrow way], going underground hiding those sins which so easily beset us.  We create elaborate suspension bridges in attempts to go over it, trying to hold up the broken pieces of our life.  And if all else fails, we ignore the stop, caution, danger, and warning signs, hoping the challenges and/or difficulties will just go away, as we continue to ease on down the broad way.

However, our roadwork is flawed, and never sustains us. It cracks and crumbles from the imperfections, from the sin. And all our patchwork is flimsy bandage which won’t hold. It is like the man who built his home on sand which fell.  Unless, we choose to travel that narrow way, and seek the One who created the gate in the first place, the  consequences will be and are, broken, shattered, lost lives.

This season as you travel and see those little orange cones and merging signs, take a moment to remember that God does the best roadwork.  The job He does is flawless and will last throughout eternity.

I’m Still God

The heavens declare my glory.  I’m still God.

My loved one has died. I’m still God.

I lost my job.  I’m still God.

My business is failing.  I’m still God.

This is our wedding day.  I’m still God.

Our daughter graduated.  I’m still God.

I went on a mission trip to Haiti.  I’m still God.

Our home was destroyed. I’m still God.

It’s a boy!   I’m still God.

My candidate won.  I’m still God.

The team lost.  I’m still God.

Dad doesn’t remember me.  I’m still God.

He ran away.  I’m still God.

They loved my new book.  I’m still God.

Lord,  I’m lost.  I’m still God.

Lord, thank you.  I’m still God.

God is still God regardless the common property of our everyday experiences. Whether delight or despair, triumph or tragedy God is and always be.   This knowledge should strengthen our faith that no matter the circumstance God is and will always be.

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