God told the prophet Jeremiah that before he was formed in his mother’s womb He knew the thoughts He had for him. God had set Jeremiah apart to be a prophet. He was purposed for a very particular assignment. An assignment with an expected (good) end. It is amazing to think how much God loves and wants for us. That even before our first heartbeat, God already has the best possible plans for us.

Throughout scripture you find stories of real life people who discovered their purpose. Whether it was to lead a nation, birth a king, warn individuals, provide protection, or bring salvation to the world, there was a specific, glorious purpose. Whether you call it destiny or purpose, you should take comfort in knowing God has it already laid out. His plans for us are the very, very best. Each plan specific and carefully designed only for you.  When you are feeling down, uncertain about the direction of your life, seek the Creator. Ask God, what are your plans for me? Help me to find them, Lord. And also say to God I am willing to do and go wherever. Then re-purposed “you” into the divinely designed vessel by God for an expected end.

One Reply to “Purpose”

  1. What a word of encouragement. It is so important for us to solidify in our spirits that God always has our best intentions in mind. He is on our side and He wants us to prosper physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally. He loves us with an everlasting love. Let’s lock that image Of God in our psyche, then watch wht happens in our lives.

    Thanks for blogging faithfully.

    Rev. Dr. Debby

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