The Grey

I recently watched a movie,” The Grey” depicting a story of survival.  The storyline was about a group of men survived an airplane crash in Alaska, but were pursued by a pack of big grey wolves.  One by one the wolves encountered and killed members of the group, except those who succumbed to the elements, until only the skilled hunter was left.  The final scene showed the hunter played by Liam Neeson surrounded by the pack.  As he prepared for the final battle, you saw him remembering his wife, father, and words from a poem his father wrote..”Live and die each day.”  He recited the words as he looked at his main pursuer, a huge grey wolf. Each staring at each other the hunter took a breath, weapons in his hands then the scene went black leaving the audience to draw their own conclusion to the end of the story.   I thought the enemy uses similar tactics on us.  The pack attacked in large and small hunting parties.  Sometimes the attacks were in the daylight, sometimes at night.  The enemy does the same.  Sometimes there are sneak attacks.  The  calm before the storm, then he strikes.  Sometimes the enemy stares you in the face taunting you, as if to say you aren’t going to win this fight.   But it is not true.  Jesus left us an inheritance…His last will and testament written with his precious blood.  He left us His all-consuming power, and glory.  He left us His peace that passes all understanding.  The enemy is powerless AGAINST JESUS.  He does pursue, and uses every weapon in his arsenal.  But he has already been defeated by our risen Savior who sits on the right hand in glory.  No weapon formed against us can prosper.  Each and every day we are to put on the whole armor of God to stand and look the enemy squarely in the eye and say take your best shot.  And he will take the shot, and fall down in defeat.  You will stand as the victor.  You win because of Jesus.   

Jesus defeated death and everything that will come against us.  It may be grey in your life today, but take hope and strength in your rightful inheritance, and in the knowledge that Jesus won, which means we have the victory.   “Be strong and very courageous”…Joshua 1:8-9

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