I just received for mother’s day, a beautiful Bougainvillea Bonsai.  It is quite stunning.  Along with the plant, there were instructions on how to properly caring for it.  It needs lots of direct sunlight, and the soil must remain moist, and not dried out.  If these instructions are not followed, then the flowers and leaves will fall. However, with pruning, and a little TLC, new sprouts will grow in 1-2 weeks.   The bonsai is a carefully crafted plant in the hands of a master gardener.  Wires are wrapped around it, strengthening, twisting, shaping the plant into a thing of beauty given years of satisfaction and enjoyment.  Proper amount of sunlight and soil maintenance are needed for the plant to flourish.

Photo: Denise L. White

As children of the most high God, we need lots and lots of direct “SONLIGHT”, so we can become vessels of beauty and glory.  We need His master’s hands of mercy, grace, love, and justice to shape and mold us. But if we don’t get the right amounts of SONLIGHT through the word, if we fail to keep our soil properly cared for, then the world will remove our petals.   But just like the bougainvillea bonsai after pruning by our Lord and Savior we will sprout new growth, and show the marvelous handiwork of  God.

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