The Event

It has been a couple of days since the appearance of what is being called the “Super Moon.” Some truly amazing pictures were taken from around the world. Professional and amateur photographers as well as NASA turned their attention toward the moon. After looking at several pictures, because I missed the event, I was struck by not only the images, but also on how many people commented on it. Then I asked myself how many missed “the event” because our attention was elsewhere.
Many have already missed “the event.” And many more will miss it. What event is this? The coming of Christ. Despite books, films, testimonies, and organizations proclaiming His first and foretelling his second coming many will miss it as well.

The moon’s beauty on the horizon was spectacular. But is seeing or participating in this or any other event worth missing the signs of the coming of Christ? For believers, we can stop to appreciate the beauty and majesty of God in nature, noting that the “real event” of Christ Jesus far outweighs anything in this world.

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