Introducing Jesus. Yeah!

Introducing Jesus. Yeah!

In the Fantastic Four storyline, the character called The Human Torch has the ability to burn like fire, emitting heat and light. When he is ready to use his superhuman ability, he says in a loud voice “Flame On.”

Well, our Savior is the Light, the true light of the world. His Light banishes the darkness. It simply has to flee, because the Savior’s light glows with a brilliance; a power that conquer death, disease, pain, fear, and suffering. It counteracts the ravages of sin. And get this, His light, which he gives us, provides you and I the opportunity to be Light carriers, just like him.

But only if we say yes to him, then we get to “Flame On” and show our light (this amazing gift) to the world, which desperately need to see the Savior’s light.  [And we need to shine our lights today.  There is a war going on within the hearts and souls of man.  The darkness is trying to take us out.  That’s why we need to show the light of Christ.  The world needs to know Jesus is who is said he is. The world needs to know Christ loves them, and that eternal and abundant life awaits them, if they allow him to “Flame On“. ]

Yes, Christ is the Light of the World.    Introducing Jesus. Yeah! Jesus

Adapted from June 18, 2015 post on the A More Excellent Way Ministries Worldwide, Inc. Facebook page. Introducing Jesus Yeah! Series created by Michael A. White.  Editorial content provided by Denise L. White

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