Introducing Jesus. Yeah!

Introducing Jesus. Yeah!

In the Fantastic Four storyline, the character called The Human Torch has the ability to burn like fire, emitting heat and light. When he is ready to use his superhuman ability, he says in a loud voice “Flame On.”

Well, our Savior is the Light, the true light of the world. His Light banishes the darkness. It simply has to flee, because the Savior’s light glows with a brilliance; a power that conquer death, disease, pain, fear, and suffering. It counteracts the ravages of sin. And get this, His light, which he gives us, provides you and I the opportunity to be Light carriers, just like him.

But only if we say yes to him, then we get to “Flame On” and show our light (this amazing gift) to the world, which desperately need to see the Savior’s light.  [And we need to shine our lights today.  There is a war going on within the hearts and souls of man.  The darkness is trying to take us out.  That’s why we need to show the light of Christ.  The world needs to know Jesus is who is said he is. The world needs to know Christ loves them, and that eternal and abundant life awaits them, if they allow him to “Flame On“. ]

Yes, Christ is the Light of the World.    Introducing Jesus. Yeah! Jesus

Adapted from June 18, 2015 post on the A More Excellent Way Ministries Worldwide, Inc. Facebook page. Introducing Jesus Yeah! Series created by Michael A. White.  Editorial content provided by Denise L. White

Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God

Isaiah 2:5, “O house of Jacob, come and let us walk in the light of the Lord.” When we walk in the light of the Lord and in the power of his might, then the Kingdom reigns!
Take any 24 hours and look at how badly our world needs “us” to walk in the light of Christ. The world needs to see us to walking and operating as Kingdom believers. The constant stream of pain, suffering and sin is marked by darkness which needs the divine light of Christ, which he gave to you and me. “Let your light so shine before men” is part of our orders from our Commander-in-Chief. We are to take the light of the Kingdom into every corner, every place, every home, every job, every and all situations, so the Kingdom can reign.
Today, walk in that amazing light of the Kingdom of God, and bring some much-needed “Son-light” to the world.

And God saw the light

“And God saw the light.” Genesis 1:4
Commentary from Charles Haddon Spurgeon

This morning we noticed the goodness of the light, and the Lord’s dividing it from the darkness, we now note the special eye which the Lord had for the light. “God saw the light” –He looked at it with complacency, gazed upon it with pleasure, saw that it “was good.”  If the Lord has given you light, dear reader, He looks on that light with peculiar interest; for not only is it dear to Him as His own handiwork, but because it is like Himself,for “He is light.” Pleasant it is to the believer to know that God’s eye is thus tenderly observant of that work of grace which He has begun. He never loses sight of the treasure which He has place in our earthen vessels.  Sometimes we cannot see the light, but God always sees the light, and that is much better than our seeing it.  Better for the judge to see my innocence that for me to think I see it.  It is very comfortable for me to know that I am one of God’s people–but whether I know it or not, if the Lord knows it, I am still safe. This is the foundation, “The Lord knoweth them that are His.”

You may be sighing and groaning because of inbred sin, and mourning over your darkness, yet the Lord sees “light” in your heart, for He has put it there, and all the cloudiness and gloom of your soul cannot conceal your light from His gracious eye.  You may have sunk low in despondency, and even despair; but if your soul has any longing towards Christ, and if you are seeking to rest in His finished work, God sees the “light.”  He not only sees it, but he also preserves it in you.  “I, the Lord, do keep it.”  This is a precious thought to those who, after anxious watching and guarding of themselves, feel their own powerlessness to do so.  The light thus preserved by His grace, He will one day develop into the splendor of noonday, and the fulness of glory.  The light within the dawn of the eternal day.  Charles H. Spurgeon

So, let your light shine in the darkness, so the world can see the goodness and glory of God, and rejoice for the King of kings. “And God saw the light, and it was good.”

Be blessed this day,  light-bearers for Christ.

Lights in the World

A Classic Devotional from C.H. Spurgeon

We use lights to make manifest.  A Christian [man] should so shine in his life that a person could not live with him a week without knowing the gospel. His conversation should be such that all who are about him should clearly perceive whose he is, and whom he serves; and should see the image of Jesus reflected in his daily actions.

Lights are intended for guidance.  We are to help those around us who are in the dark.  We are to hold forth to them the Word of life. We are to point sinners to the Saviour, and the weary to a divine resting place.  Men sometimes read their Bibles, and fail to understand them; we should be ready, like Philip, to instruct the inquirer in the meaning of God’s Word, the way of salvation, and the life of godliness.

Lights are also used for warning. On our rocks and shoals a light-house is sure to be erected.  Christian [men] should know that there are many false lights shown everywhere in the world, and therefore the right light is needed.  The wreckers of Satan are always abroad, tempting the ungodly to sin under the name of pleasure; they hoist the wrong light, be it ours to put up the true light upon every dangerous rock, to point out every sin, and tell what it leads to, that so we may be clear of the blood of all men, shining as lights in the world.

Lights also have very cheering influence, and so have Christians.  A Christian ought to be a comforter, with kind words on his lips, and sympathy in his heart; he should carry sunshine wherever he goes, and diffuse happiness around him.

“In the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.”  Philippians 2:15

The Promise

There is coming for those who believe a day like no other.  It is a day when all; the spirit, soul and flesh will behold the promise – the great light of Christ. (Isaiah 9:1)  No matter how dark the circumstances, how bleak the prognosis – the promise will come again. 

Christ is our lighthouse; a light wave blazing through the darkness of our souls; a glistening promise of new life. So bright is His light; so pure is His light that it lifts us out of the darkness of our sins. it radiates and cleanses; it restores and heals; it delivers and makes us whole again.  God’s Promise of our Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace is not to be taken lightly.  It should give us assurance; a blessed assurance that all will be made right today.  No matter how deep the pit – the promise can reach you.  We can rise up this day with shouts of joy and victory that the Promise has come, and will come again.

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