Charting Your Relationship with God

Charting your relationship with God opens your life to the beauty and love of God. How does one chart their relationship?
What does the Bible say? It said “seek ye first the Kingdom of God”; “love God with all your heart, mind and soul”; “love your neighbor”; “love Christ as he loves the church” and there is a lot more, but the consistent message is love.
I’ve shared lots of love messages in this blog through the stories of triumph, pain, sacrifice, suffering, and of hope. Loving God with excellence is my desire, and my course. I don’t meet the mark in every situation. Sometimes, I flat-out blow it. But I’m “pressing towards the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus”.
Charting our relationship with Almighty God is a daily journey of discovery, and restoration. It is our opportunity to hit the pause button, and see with faith-filled eyes His promise to never forsaken or leave us.
I encourage you during those moments of reflection, when the air is thick with gratitude or despair to sense His amazing grace and love. IN THAT MOMENT, put a pin in it. Yes, right there on your heart space. Pause. Wait. Don’t rush or turn away. Gently allow your spirit to kiss the hem of his garment, and receive the gift of Him. Breath in gratitude for the gift of love. You’re charting your relationship.

God waits for us in every moment of life confirming and reestablishing those divine connections. For many of us all it takes is one breath and one thought of Him, who is everything. Tell God you are turning your compass due north, straight back to Him. A little latitudinal adjustment is a good thing, when you’re charting your relationship with God- our bright and shining star.
Because it’s all about love.

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