Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top.

Exodus 4 records a discussion between Moses and God, as Moses was receiving his commission to return to Egypt and freed the Israelites.  Moses voiced several concerns during this exchange.  1) What if they don’t believe me? 2) Who should I say sent me? 3) I don’t speak well. 4) Finally, I can’t be the one, send someone else.

Disbelief, confusion, lack of qualifications and just plain fear sums up Moses’ objections to God when confronted with his commission.  He questioned and challenged God’s decision.  He couldn’t possibly be the one.  All the evidence pointed to the contrary.  The mountain was huge. Didn’t he realized that  Pharaoh had sought to kill him when he ran away after committing murder.  Moses had found sanctuary, started a new life and thought he had it made, until he turned towards the burning bush.  Didn’t God realized it?  Maybe he needed to remind God of his limitations, and the size of the mountain.  So Moses began explaining to God that mountain was too big.  How could he possibly reach the top?

Think of it!  Being told by God you must go back, and face trouble with a capital T; face uncertainty, ridicule, and possible death.   The mountain was enormous.  However, God never tells us to look at the mountaintop.  Instead He tells us to look at HIM and peer into the power and majesty of who He is.  This is what God told Moses to tell the Israelites if they questioned him.  Tell them I AM sent you.   The great I AM who surpasses all mountains has sent you to free my people.

Our mountains are covered with all the same emotions Moses experienced; guilt, shame, doubt, fear and sin.  But those same mountains, while covered with the stains of Adam’s sin can never reach beyond our God.  As you go to the mountain, you will find the cross of Christ shining brightly, solidly anchored above the guilt, shame, doubt, fear and sin.   Take the word of this phrase “Never measure the height of a mountain until you have reached the top” to heart.  As Moses looked past the mountain into the face of God, he was able to begin his commission of serving as God’s liberator for his people.

Don’t measure the mountaintops with its challenges, obstacles, pitfalls, roadblocks, missteps just begin climbing.  Our God has already scale the highest mountain, so you can reach the top.  Amen!

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