Healing the Blind

Photo credit: Ole C. Salomonsen

Some days reading the scriptures you are just struck by the power, and the insight. I read in Isaiah 29: 17-21 that one day “the blind shall see out of obscurity and darkness…”
I read those words and saw something I had not noticed before. The light of God’s glory bring clarity to our souls, our hearts, and minds. His light reveals the truth of His promises, and when He created the Light from darkness, it was not just a physical manifestation, but also an inner one. Who but God could bring sunlight, and Son-light into our reality to show the beauty, power and majesty of Light. This light opens eyes and souls to the wonder that is God and it is always present. When the Israelites left Egypt, God used His Light – a pillar of fire- to light the way and turn away the darkness of their fears. They experienced the power of His protection, the loving warmth of His embrace and faithfulness, and the regenerating healing of His spirit while in the wilderness. They also had the pillar of cloud-His cloak of protection which gave the perfect amount of covering from enemies, and elements.
Healing the blind is not just the physical, but also spiritual healing. We come out of obscurity and darkness into His marvelous light. With every step in our personal wilderness, God slowly removes the veil from our minds, hearts, souls and we experience true lasting healing.

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