Little Blessings

Thomas Kinkade in his book, Lightposts for Living, asked this question, What small things can I do today bring a blessing to someone else?  He talked about small, not huge, gigantic, or enormous things.  How often do we think in order to make a difference, it [the thing has to be large, or on a world-wide scale?  In the rush of the world we forget the power of the “small.”  A smile, laughter, a phone call, card, or your welcoming spirit can do much to transform the people and space around you.  Let’s commit ourselves to be a blessing to someone else by giving away lots and lots of small things.  Remember, both receiver and giver will be blessed.

Enjoy this small gift of beauty.

Photo credit: John Avery



J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain in Missouri’s Country Club Plaza district, sculpted in Paris in 1910 by the late Henri Greber.

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