If all things are possible with God, then all things are possible to him who believes in him. Corrie Ten Boom

I read during my Saturday devotion about moving forward. The devotion was entitled Keep Going, and it described when God instructed the children of Israel to break camp and start moving because they had stayed at Mount Horeb too long. How ironic it is that as people we become comfortable in place and within circumstances even if it hurts. We don’t want to venture beyond our surroundings because we don’t know what’s out there.

We stay on a job too long until force to leave. We endure painful relationships for so long because it appears nothing can be done to rectify or resolve it.
We’ve been told to move along, get moving, try something new, or change our perception from fear to possibility, but can’t seem to gather enough momentum.
God told the nation to keep advancing, and do not veer off the path He established. He has told us the same thing; move forward and experience the fullness of life, but we chose to stay too long at Mount Horeb.

If God-the creator and sustainer of all life, told you [us] to keep going into the realm of possibility, what is holding us back? Fear, lack of faith, people? Whatever we call it, it all boil down to, we don’t believe God.
To get away from the mountain requires grasping the truth of God and his character. He is God, and nothing in the universe is more powerful. In the beginning He created life, and gave us the power to live and live it[life] more abundantly. God created possibility and also sustains it. Circumstances, situations, lifestyle changes, whatever you want to call it, does not surprise, frighten or cause God any alarms. He has all of life firmly, securely and lovingly in His hands. He can handle any situations you and I encountered, as well as any opportunity with the same competent, all-powerful and loving manner in which He created the universe.
If we lack anything, Jesus said seek and you shall find, knock on the door of God, open it and there you will discover what is needed to keep moving into the bright, clear air of possibility. Like the songwriter said, Just a closer walk with thee is all it takes.

It’s time for us to move away from the mountain, and keep walking into our destiny. It’s time to shed the skin of what is now and embrace the light of what is possible. Corrie Ten Boom said, All things are possible with God, but only for those who believe in the All Possible God.

Do you believe?

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