Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

My intent is to take you on the journey of discovery about my relationship and encounters God, and His Son Jesus Christ.    Loving God with Excellence will consists of observations about current events, scriptures, and insights gathered from personal study, observation, corporate fellowship, and devotion.  I hope to also highlight commentaries, and thoughts from other spiritual leaders both past and present.  Links to tools and resources will be added to help you dig deeper in the word of the Lord.

Knowing God and learning who Christ is takes time, and we are on this walk of faith together.  Since my ordination, I recognize my need for His gentle, transforming touch, as well as the  encouragement and support of other believers on a daily basis.   So, feel free to share.  Your insights, personal reflections, and revelations will help all of us grow.

I pray your journey will result in you becoming everything God intended for you.   Strive to be instruments of love, mercy and grace as we equip, educate and encourage others to discover Jesus Christ, and his love for us.



updated February 3, 2014


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