Business Cards

Moving is a strenuous and challenging process.  Clothes, dishes, toys, books, pictures, and other things we’ve culminated over the years must be shifted through, then either packed, donated, sold or discarded.  The criteria used to determine what stays or goes sometimes comes down to the memories associated with it, and not its size.

When I came across an old stack of business cards tucked away lovingly in a tin box, I soon realized each carried an intrinsic value.  As I flipped through each one, the memories of days gone by came rushing forward. Many of these people, whose lives we touched, and touched ours were more than just business associates, or colleagues.  They had move into that sacred community where unconditional love and support resides.  Every card told a story. From the times of our once flourishing business that opened doors to travel, new opportunities, and an introduction into ministry to those that brought back moments of sorrow, joy and love.  One card had a long handwritten note of condolence when we lost our son, another a note of thanks, one card was from a friend, now dearly departed, and others were simply cards attached to the hopes and dreams of their owners.  Who would have thought that such a little thing could hold such enormous impact.  A mustard seed is a little thing and yet when it grows it becomes a mighty tree providing support for lots of birds.

These business cards, stored away in a little tin box reminded me of God’s love.   His love comes every day in the form of a divine appointment, of meeting a lifelong friend, of sharing a testimony, or an encouraging word, or beginning a business relationship.  Gentle memories brought to the surface painting a picture of those blessed encounters triggered by a little thing like a business card.

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