Covenant Transporters- A epilogue

As I composed the post “Covenant Transporters“, I heard “someone needs this; someone needs this, someone needs this.” I did not expect that minutes later (literally after posting the blog), a conversation with a family member facing a serious challenge would center on being a Covenant Transporter.
After reading the post to them, there came a soft sigh, and then the words, “Oh. my God. I’ve got chills.”   I replied, “I knew there had to be a reason why those particular words (Covenant, Transporter, Drivers Needed) resonated so deeply.”  It was no accident I saw that semi.  No coincidence, I was urged to write this post.

The Holy Spirit is always at work preparing us to transport.  As Covenant Transporters, it is our job to respond, because you just never know who the recipient will be, or how soon the message needs to be delivered.

It was a beautiful, sunny day. The blue skies had just enough clouds to make it picture perfect.  Amid this, a message of hope and comfort was prepared and transported by an unknowing Covenant Transporter.

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