According to Wikipedia, a “selfie” is a type of self-portrait photograph often associated with social networking. They are casual pictures typically taken at arm’s length or in a mirror, and include either only the photographer and as many people as can be in focus.

As the number of these mini photos increases, I began wondering about their impact on our consciousness. I looked up the root word “self” and its meanings which included personality, nature, character, identity, person, and ego. Other words came to mind, such as selfish, self-centered, self-image, self-motivated, self-talk, self-contained, self-absorbed the more I studied.

The “selfie” catapulted the world into new layers of photography, and increased the desire to be noticed.  Lots and lots of people are taking “selfies” and some are being taken in exotic and challenging places because the technology makes it easy.   These snapshots capture our “selves” wanting to be exposed. With each one we become objects of curiosity.   These self-portraits may intensify the war raging between our spirit and our flesh, and create a hunger to be seen.

There are lots of things that divert our attention.  And the more and more our internal lens becomes blinded by self, the easier it becomes to yield ourselves to the “self.”  God created us in His image and likeness.  Are we worshiping the creation more than the Creator?

What do you think?  I am interested in your thoughts on “selfie.” Drop me a comment.

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