Monday 4-14-14

Blessings to you.

Holy Week has begun, and it will culminate with Easter/Resurrection Sunday and Passover being celebrated on the same day.  This amazing time will never happen again in our lifetime.  It is truly remarkable that God would allow us this time in history to embrace and recognize our spiritual heritage and roots of faith.   Reflecting on this, I noted today’s date of 4-14-14.  This date will never occur again in history.  I wondered if what I would find if I went to the New Testament and look for 4-14-14.  The fourth book of the New Testament is the gospel of John.  In the 14th chapter and 14th verse Jesus said, “Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!” (NLT)  Jesus was explaining to his disciples that God the Father and Jesus were one.  He wanted to let them know that if they truly believed in Him they would perform greater works because of His relationship with the Father, and His immediate departure.  He wanted them to understand that everything had been arranged for the continuation of the divine mission, and nothing was left to chance.  He was leaving them with everything needed to accomplish their tasks, with one stipulation – “Ask.”   Knowing what lay ahead for each of them, the master wanted them to know He had matters well in hand.  A somber and sobering conversation mingled with hope.

As I completed my prayers, this same verse came up strong in my spirit. I was feeling the heaviness of many tasks before me, and wondered if I could rise up to the challenge.   I had also been praying for peace, and light as well as physical healing for myself and others in my community.   Thoughts of the tragic shooting in which three Jewish people were killed in Overland Park, Kansas. And thoughts of those families are still mourning the loss of those young people killed in FedEx crash, and of course there is the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing were very much on my mind.  However, Jesus offers all of Christendom the opportunity to approach Him and ask Him for provision, and the promise of new life.  So despite all to contrary, there is still hope on this day, and the opportunity to display in His love and light to those whose lives are in the shadows, because our blessed redeemer lives.  Ask for His peace, love and light to fill you, and let it carry you right up to Easter/Resurrection Sunday and Passover.

This moment lifted my spirits. There is hope because our redeemer lives and everything needed to perform, our Advocate, our strong tower, Our King of Kings and Lord of Lords shall supply.  We need only ASK.



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