On Purpose

While doing some spring cleaning, I came across this brief statement written (adapted) by my husband in 2003.

On Purpose

By the time I leave God’s great Earth, I hope the world would know that I truly existed. I may be invisible throughout my lifetime, to many.  I may presently shout out loudly, but with the softest of sounds.  My large shoe size may make only the smallest of footprints. My actions may often times continue unnoticed, but my contributions and impact are discovered, however small.

I have noticed throughout life that abundant and visible doesn’t necessarily equal fame and fortunate.  I have learned that a list, regardless of how tiny, can become a devastating feat.  I now understand; no matter how many attempts are made, I cannot please everyone.  I ‘ve come to know a great number of people well, only to find strangers amongst my closet friends.

No, I didn’t come close to inventing rocket science.  I didn’t make strides in the discovery of blood plasma.  I cannot say truthfully if I possess the wherewithal to create something as simple as a stop sign or a flashing yellow caution light.  Nor do I have the capacity to conduct great symphonies or preach dynamic sermons like the great masters before.

What can I possibly leave behind for all to bear witness to?

I can leave a legacy of strong will and good character.  I can leave my mark of kindness and humility on humanity of my time here on Earth. I can generously leave my true spirit of joy and inner peace.  I can share my hopes, dreams, challenges, failures and success; and above all, I can share my faith and love for God.  My Purpose.

I wanted to share this message, because right now my beloved husband is spending his day off mentoring a young man in the Big Brother/Big Sister Program. He is doing what he does best “On Purpose.”

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