Made in God’s Image

Blessings to you on this, the Lord’s Day and my birthday.
Please share the following with the women of your congregation and ministries.

Made in God’s Image
“I am a woman made in the image of God.
I have been made by Him and for Him.
He took care of all the details when my life was being formed. He forgot nothing.
He made me exactly how He wanted me to be.
He made me for a purpose and with a plan.
Everything about me perfectly fits into that purpose and plan.  I have a heart to know Him, a soul to bless Him, and a body to serve Him.
I am here in His perfect time –
I didn’t arrive too late in history, nor did I come ahead of schedule.  It is the people of this generation to which He has called me
as His witness.  Through my face His light will shine, through my voice His praise will be heard, through my life His love will be extended.”  Author unknown
Scripture Reference: Psalm 139:13-16 NIV

May this beautiful message of hope and love encourage them in knowing they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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