Count the Cost

Luke 14:28…”But don’t begin until you count the cost…(NLT)

The new year has officially begun and many have made resolutions, or set goals to change some aspect of their lives. For most it is the goal to be better, faster, stronger or just plain fit. Others vow to clean up and clear out their closets and become better organized. Some have plans to return to school, find a new job, write a book or begin a hobby, but whatever the goal there is a cost involved.  It is never easy.  One of the prime reasons so many of us fail to reach our goals is failure to calculate the costs. Jesus in this parable tells his disciples to calculate the cost of being a disciple before proclaiming their allegiance to Him.  Any person starting a building project must know how much it is going to costs.  The builder needs to know there is enough money and resources to complete the job.  Calculation is important with any project, even more so with being a disciple.

Disciples of Christ need calculate the costs involved in the purposes of God.  He tells us if we can’t give up self, family and follow Him, then we can’t be His disciple. The cost is too great. “Love for family and one’s own life must not compete with devotion to Christ.”  The risks are great, but the rewards are far greater. Christ counted the cost of leaving glory and coming to earth for us. The cost of temptation, pain, suffering and injustice to heal, save and deliver us.  And he has more than enough to pay the debt for our sins.

Thank you God for looking at the “love scale” and determining we were worth the costs.

2 Replies to “Count the Cost”

  1. Amen, we are ready to serve the Lord this year as never before. Continue praying for the entire ministry of Life in Jesus Healing Ministries International, Many needs pending here and we are down financially to clear them, so your prayers is a blessing to us. God bless you Elder Denise for the Love and care you have shown us.

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