Staying Close

Just finished reading a sermon by one of my favorite authors, Charles Haddon Spurgeon on the merits of reading the Bible.  He called the words of Bible, “…the great things of my law.”  In his treatise, he summarized it as the truth, and love; as engaging as any book ever written, and to neglect delving into the fountain of living water is tantamount to spiritual and eternal suicide.  God’s word is like vast rolls of white linen woven with truth; as you unwind each roll eternity unfolds before you.  The great things of redemption and regeneration; of sacrifice and of love are revealed. Staying close in the word tells how I can be more than a conqueror during storms of doubt and depression. Staying close in the word tells how hope and love came to be, and that I have a promise, a privilege and provision for each day.  Staying close in the word tells how heaven will receive me when I die and that I shall soar beyond all to the throne of God to be with him forever. 

I am grateful for this precious reminder about the wonderful honor of reading God’s word. 


What about you?

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