A Date with Dad

How did you celebrate Fathers’ Day?   Did you take Dad out to dinner, gave him gifts, sent a card, posted a message on Facebook or Twitter? Or maybe there was a quick call or text. Or maybe you, like many spent the day remembering your dad, or lamenting the fact there wasn’t a dad in your life.  I celebrated the dads in my life; my husband, my dad, our sons, nephews, uncles, brothers, grandfathers and pastors. I also celebrated my male friends who are there for their families, and their communities.  These dads have struggled to make it better for those entrusted to their care and keeping.  I marveled at their strength, commitment and dedication as they navigate through life’s rugged terrains day in and day out.  I smiled, pondered, and then rejoiced at their presence in my life.  They are a blessing. They have demonstrated their compassion, courage, and willingness to help.  I have witnessed their growth, shared in the good times and been comforted in the bad.   We have laughed, cried, built, taught and challenged each other.  They have gone to the kids games, recitals and car-pooled all over town.  They have given their time and their money as well as a good dose of wisdom along the way.   These dates are, and have been priceless.  There have been missteps, and sure steps taken as well.  And through it all they have strengthen and fortified the family.   I smiled Sunday and then offered prayers of gratitude for the times of providing, encouraging, challenging, teaching, and directing.

When you think about it a date with our “dads” draws us into the circle of life.  A circle filled with wonder and growth; one of hope and challenge; one of joy and destiny. How did your date with your Dad go?  I hope there was a “dad” somewhere within your circle.  I also hope you could express appreciation to God the Father for your dates with dad.

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