Detours, Distractions,Dilemmas

Detours, distractions and dilemmas–in this season of joy, happiness, gift-giving, celebrations you or someone who know may be facing a season of trial, and tragedy.  The brightest season for them has becomes covered in blight and despair, hardly a time of laughter and fun.   Even if you are not facing a personal challenge, or someone who know, you must be aware of the nurse who killed herself after being the victim of a hoax by two DJ’s, or perhaps you’ve been following the two NFL tragedies committed by young men who appeared to have everything.

Increasingly more and more individuals are foregoing the joys of “true life” for horror and mayhem, for tragic detours and futile distractions that land head first into their families, thereby creating lasting dilemmas and damages.

This should be a time of learning about the real reason for the season.  It should be times of love, sharing and serving others.  These days should be spent in reflection, and living life with intention and divine purpose.  With only 20 days left in 2012, we need to take note of those who have become twisted and tangled in the superficiality of life, and not with the substance; with those who are suffering and not serving; those who are taking detours instead of staying focused on the high calling of the mark in Christ Jesus.   These days should be times of helping others to find their way back home.

If you are facing a personal trial, stay centered on and in Christ.  Let Him clarify your thinking and show you your purpose.  Don’t become distracted by the storm and the clouds.  These are temporary.  Focus on Christ, and not on the circumstance.  You probably saying, sure that’s easy for you to say.  You don’t know what I’m going through.  Well you’re right.  I don’t.  But Christ does, and there is nothing, no circumstance, situation, challenge, detour, distraction, or dilemma He can’t fix.   Give Him a chance.  Christ came so we can experience fullness in this life, even in the midst of the storms. So whether it’s you or someone you care about, share that detours, distractions and dilemmas are temporary, and Christ is eternal.   That’s good news.

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