Have you been with Jesus

Have you been with Jesus?

Will any part of the world know if you have been with Jesus?  What will your actions, attitudes, mannerisms, behaviors suggests?  Will you show the world the light of His countenance?  Will they be able to see light, grace, mercy?  Will you walk with confidence, and fearing nothing; assured of His power and anointing?  Can you resist the temptation lurking around the water cooler, or on your computer? Will you stand up for the oppressed, or simply go along with the crowd?  Have you been with Jesus?  

The spirit of divine life circulates within every believer.   A healthy Christian carries Jesus’ blood within them; creating and producing the fruit of the spirit.  Christ’s power, love, energy and strength must manifest our conversation and conduct and show our encounters with our Savior.

Have you been with Jesus today?  If not, take a little walk with Him.  The world needs to see that you’ve been with our Lord.

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