A sudden call in the middle of the night; a moan; a cry of disbelief, and then the slow walk into the “valley of the shadow of death” echoed through the room.  Reality and shadow merged, and the question why is uttered.   The sudden lost of a friend hits hard, and when it does your spirit and soul seeks a place of refuge.  A place that makes sense when the floor beneath your feet feels like sinking sand.  As news of the sudden passing of our friend came, the community that knew him gathered to comfort and console one another.  There were memories of past days of fellowship, fun and friendship.  Conversations that began with  “remember when he; remember when we;  remember, remember, remember…. The inevitable sighs, and strained moments of laughter amidst the reality of lost, and what will be never be again.  Then tears, sadness, and pleas to gather more frequently, to share and celebrate our lives together.   

Friendship is a powerful thing that connects and unites us to another human being or circle of individuals.  It is mutual values, experiences, common interests, or special ties which creates a bond sometimes stronger than family relationships. Friendship generates community; a sense of belonging to something or someone.  Friendship forms love.  

The abundant life includes friends whose purpose it is to share their life with you and I.  Yes, friendships are a wonderful thing, but even more they are blessings from God.     

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