The Spiritual Heart

“The spiritual heart of man is the Heart of the universe,and, finding that Heart, man finds the strength to accomplish all things. He finds there also Wisdom to see things as they are. He finds there the Peace that is divine. At the centre of mans’ being is the Music which orders the stars – the Eternal Harmony. He who would find Blessedness, let him find himself; let him abandon every discordant desire, every inharmonious thought, every unlovely habit and deed, and he will find that Grace and Beauty and Harmony which form the indestructible essence of his own being.  Men fly from creed to creed, and find – unrest; they travel in many lands, and discover – disappointment; they build themselves beautiful mansions, and plant pleasant gardens, and reap – ennui and discomfort. Not until a man falls back upon the truth within himself does he finds rest and satisfaction; not until he builds the inward Mansion of Faultless conduct does he find the endless and incorruptible Joy, and, having obtained that, he will infuse it into all his outward doings and possessions.

If a man would have peace, let him exercise the spirit of Peace; if he would find love, let him dwell in the spirit of Love; if he would escape suffering, let him cease to inflict it; if he would do noble things for humanity, let him cease to do ignoble things for himself. If he will but quarry the min of his own soul, he shall find there all the materials for building whatsoever he will, and he shall find there also the central Rock on which to build in safety.”  James Allen

Our spiritual hearts need to be right with God.  And not until we cease from carrying the weight of our sins; not until we cease from putting other things upon our heart’s throne will we become the men and women God designed us to be.  John 15:1-8

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