The Rich

James Allen wrote, “if thou wilt be perfect, sell all that thou hast; but at these words the world turns away “sorrowful”, for it is very rich“; rich in money which it cannot keep; rich in fears which it cannot let go; rich in selfish loves to which it greedily clings; rich in grievous partings which it would fain escape; rich in seeking enjoyment; rich in pain and sorrow; rich in strife and suffering; rich in excitement and woe; rich in all thing which are not riches, but poor in riches themselves which are not to be found outside the Kingdom; rich in all things that pertain to darkness and death, but poor in those things which are Light and Life.”

Riches, true riches come when as we seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Then our perfection, our purpose, our happiness, our heritage, our joy, inspiration, wisdom, compassion become solid gold – the real riches – the only ones we truly need.

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