Emergency Preparedness Kit

My husband and I lived in New Orleans Louisiana Post Katrina.  Each hurricane season, emergency preparedness messages were broadcast to get people ready just in case another hurricane hit the area.  After Katrina, and Rita, officials encouraged residents to have their “Emergency Preparedness Kit” ready in the event of an evacuation.  The kit should contain batteries, water, non-perishable food, money, battery operated radio, clothing, medicine, and personal records.  Also, information and instructions on evacuation procedures, and what to do upon returning home.  The kit came in handy when we experienced two hurricanes after Katrina.

As a believer, do you an Emergency Preparedness Kit?  How prepared are you for this life? For its challenges, and crisis? What should be in your Emergency Preparedness Kit?

There are lots of things the world wants to have, but only those things provided by our Lord and Savior will help us navigate these last days, and get us home safely.


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