I Need Thee

Raging fires, power outrages, water and gas shortages, soaring temperatures…people seeking and needing shelter.  Much of the country was affected by the damage caused by the recent storm, while some are dealing with aftermath of the Colorado fires.  As the impact continues to be felt, organizations and the public are working together to provide much-needed resources.  The need is great.  And as the power is being restored, those returning to their homes and businesses are accessing the damage and beginning repairs.

As we returned home to clean up and toss out food, I considered our need for God.  When the storms of life are raging, the need to seek God should stir up our internal engines to run to Him.  When our spiritual tanks get low or run dry, instead of running to the nearest “good time” we should fill up at God’s service station.   Our “battery” power is short, and ill-equipped to handle all of life’s challenges.  The enemy wants to burn us up, drain us dry, and turn off our lights.  We can’t live this life and survive without God.

Become a first responder.  Go to the Fountain of Living Water which nourishes, refreshes and powers our mind, body and soul.  Plus, it never, ever runs dry.   It puts out the raging fires.  It fuels our lives, and lights our way.  This source-the only true Source provides, protects, and prospers.  Our need for Christ and His wonderous, working power is needed daily.  He satisfies, and shelters us during life’s storms.

So, no matter what is happening, or what will happen, seek Christ. As the old hymn states,” I need thee, O’ I need thee. Every hour I need thee. Bless me now my Savior.  I come to thee”.   Go to Christ our Savior.  We need Him.   Luke 5:31-32

One Reply to “I Need Thee”

  1. Oh yes Lord, I need thee and I come to thee….I have always been thankful for all Your blessings but especially now I am even more thankful….These issues should always encourage us to draw nigh to Him and He has promised to draw nigh to us! We would hope that it wouldn’t take issues such as these to make us draw nigh to Him but sometimes people need a little push toward the Savior!

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