Love Conquers All!

How does the world view love?  How is it described?

Love shows up in all the manner of situations and circumstances.  The pairings of people, places and things can easily be morphed into displays of affections, caring, compassionate, and even love.  The word “love” carries with it strong emotions, but nothing can compare with the amazing, incomparable love God has for us.  The writer of the book of John stated God is love, and whoever loves Him has a unique relationship with God. But no other relationship or pairing of individuals can compare with the loving connection God and Jesus have for one another, and for us.  God loves us, and so does Jesus.  God loves Jesus, and Jesus loves God.  God sent Jesus here to show us the Father and serve as an example of supreme love. Jesus was obedient unto His death on the cross because He loves us.  The world may see love differently. The highest expression of love is Jesus.

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