Love Divine

A dear friend of mine will share a message later this month on the boldness of love. When one thinks of boldness, and of love, the two don’t seem to complement one another. Boldness is often depicted as acts, or feats of physical strength and endurance, and possibly sacrifice.  Love comes in flowers, long tender looks, songs, poems, gentle words and touch.  And yet Christ came packed with both and much more.  For it took courage, daring, bravery, and if I can be so bold, guts to come shaped in human flesh to seek and save lost humanity.   It took great love to rearrange, for a period of years divinity into a recognizable gift that some would accept and cherish.  It was boldness and love to confront sin in all its forms and defeat it with power, majesty, dominion, and authority. It was love wrapped in power that enables our Lord to conquer sickness, raise the dead, and demonstrate to humanity how to truly live as God’s greatest creation.
Love Divine, with omnipotent boldness moved us from the wilderness of sin that bleak, desolate place to the region of healing and restoration to love’s throne.  No greater love than this, as scripture says, that a man lays down his life (love) for a friend.  Even in our wildest imagination, it is impossible to fathom how and why this was done, when there is daily evidence of our unworthiness. And yet, love divine came, love divine conquered, and love divine challenges us to love as He loves us.

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