Sing in the Ways of the Lord

They shall sing in the ways of the Lord.” Psalm 138:5

A Classic Devotional from C.H. Spurgeon

The time when Christians begin to sing in the ways of the Lord is when they first lose their burden at the foot of the Cross.  Not even the songs of the angels seem so sweet as the first song of rapture which gushes from the inmost soul of the forgiven child of God.  [“Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus and to take him at his word.”]

You know how John Bunyan describes it [Pilgrim’s Progress]. He says, when poor Pilgrim lost his burden at the Cross, he gave three great leaps, and went on his way singing — “Bless Cross! blest Sepulchre! blest rather be The Man that there was put to shame for me!”

Believer, do you recollect the day when your fetters fell off? Do you remember the place when Jesus met you, and said, “I have loved thee with an everlasting love; I have blotted out as a cloud thy transgressions, and as a thick cloud thy sins; they shall not be mentioned against thee any more forever”?  Oh! what a sweet season is that when Jesus takes away the pain of sin! When the Lord first pardoned my sin, I was so joyous that I could scarce refrain form dancing.  I thought on my road home from the house where I had been set at liberty, that I must tell the stones in the street the story of my deliverance.  So full was my soul of joy, that I wanted to tell every snowflake that was falling from heaven, of the wondrous love of Jesus, who had blotted out the sins of one of the chief of rebels. But it is not only at the commencement of the Christian life that believers have reason for song; as long as they live they discover cause to sing in the ways of the Lord, and their experience of His constant loving kindness leads them to say, “I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth.”  See to it, brother [and sister], that thou magnifies the Lord this day.  “Long as we tread this desert land, new mercies shall new songs demand.”


Thank you Lord for loving me, and for loving all your children.


No Greater Joy

Stormie Omartian wrote, “Lord,there is no source of greater joy for me than worshiping You.  I come into Your presence with thanksgiving and bow before You this day.  I exalt Your name for you are great and worthy to be praised.”

Psalm 100 encourages us to make a joyful noise, serve the Lord with gladness; come before His presence with singing.  We are to enter into His gates with Thanksgiving, and His courts with praise.     These assignments are simple, but have a profound impact.   Joy changes the whole environment.  It transforms hearts and minds.  Spirits are lifted up, and thinking is clearer.  Laughter fills the air, smiles upon faces, and songs are sung.   This is not reserved for a church building, or program.  Our joy should accompany us into the homes, businesses, the marketplace, the political arena, and every place the soles of our feet touch.

How much joy have you shared today?   Was there a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and on your lips?  Did your arrival change the environment, or was it the same old, same old?

Let the world know we are sons and daughters of God, and they can be too.  Share the incredible joy we have because of Him.   Tell others about the gift of eternal life, goodness and mercy.  Explain how we experience His amazing grace and mercy every day, despite all our challenges.

Show them how to rejoice and be glad, for there is no greater joy than knowing our Lord!!!  Each day holds the possibility of miracles both great and small.  The greatest is the gift of salvation.   From that we experience a God who will never leave or forsake us.  We see evidence that His promises are true every day.  O’ yes, there is so much.

Show someone the great joy you have in your heart.  The day is not over.  Go ahead, there is still time.  Tell someone there is no greater joy than knowing Christ.  It is a small miracle that holds the promise of No Greater Joy.