A Mother’s Tears

I tried not to write this post, but God kept prodding me to get it down.  Why this was such a challenge will become apparent.

Saturday, we attended the funeral of our pastor’s niece who died suddenly last Monday.   It’s hard enough to witness the salty sorrowful tears of hearts broken by pain and lost. But even more, when those tears flowed from a mother who had loved, nurtured, taught and protected her child.  A mother’s tears, filled with the reality of emptiness, separation, no more tomorrows, no more celebrations, no more joys, only memories is difficult.

I am reminded of the verse from Hebrews 13:5, “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”  God told us that even in our darkest moments, when words fail, that His love is wrapped up in those tears.  His covenant promise to always be there, despite the oceans of tears, searing heartaches and unimaginable pain is captured in His word.  Embedded in this promise is the divine guarantee that His love never fails.  A mother’s tears also holds this promise the blessed assurance that “Life has no sorrow that heaven cannot cure.”

I, too, was one of those mothers whose life was shattered by the lost of a child.  I am also a testament to the words of Hebrews 13, wherein God kept His promise to never leave, nor forsake. As we comforted the family, particularly this mother, my (our) prayer is that as she walks through the valley; and as each daytime and nighttime tear falls, she will experience fully God’s hand loving, supporting and holding sacred every one of her precious Mother’s tears.  Just as He did with me.

In memory of April Michelle Haley

Just Another Day

Just Another Day

Just another day for millions around the globe. But for believers it is another opportunity to praise the living God.  Another day to love your fellowmen. Another day to engage in loving service. Another day show the world your talents and fulfill those divine instructions.  Another day to be imitators of Christ.  Another day to love ourselves as Christ loves us.  Another day to heal the sick, bring sight to the blind. Another day to comfort the broken-hearted and wounded.  Another day to find the lost and lonely and show them the way to Christ.  Another day to fight the forces of darkness with the light of Christ. Another day to show the world the beauty around us, and celebrate the joy of the Lord which is our strength. Just another day to show mercy and grace. Another day to say “yes” to Him. No matter how many times predictions are made about the end of all days, the day nor the hour will not be revealed until the Son of Man appears in His glory.  But we have a blessed assurance; “My people shall dwell in quiet resting places.” Isaiah 32:18

No panic, no hysteria, no hoarding up on supplies for believers, because we dwell in the quiet resting places of the most high God.  And in his arms we are sheltered from the storms of life.

Yes, it is just another day, but what a wonderful day for us to show Him to the world.
Glory to God in the highest. Peace and goodwill to all mankind.  Just another day!

He is Already There

In the midst of your day, in every meeting, appointment, activity, or event, Christ is already there.  He is Risen.  The master’s hand is already at work.  He has gone ahead to make the way smooth.  His power, love, and glory is already in the room.  And you will see Him there.

He is already there.  No need to worry, fear, fret or be concerned about what to say or do; he is already there.  Eugene Peterson once said, “We are always coming in on something that is already going on. Sometimes we clarify a word or feeling, sometimes we identify an overlooked relationship, sometimes we help recover an essential piece of memory – but always we are dealing with what the risen Christ has already set in motion, already brought into being.”

He is already there.  Take comfort in knowing Christ is already there.  Matthew 28:5-7 (MSG)

Wait for the Lord

Wait patiently for the Lord.

On the anniversary of the attacks at the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and the loss of Flight 93, there is a silent cry for the Lord from the families, and communities who lost loved ones.  The horror of that dreadful day as we stood in disbelief as thousands were viciously killed still brings pain and sorrow.  Let us pause for a moment, and ask for healing for our world, and comfort for those who lives were forever changed.

Oh Lord, we still need you.  Help us, Lord to learn the lessons of that day.  May we reach out to one another in love and peace.  May we show how to live, really live as you want us to.  Help us to show the love of YOU today.  May we extend hands of comfort, hearts of compassion, and arms filled with the joy of you.    In Jesus’ name.  Amen


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