Opening Your Heart to God

Read any good books lately? Ones that stimulate, encourage, inspire, and uplifts you. I just finished a wonderful book by author Marilyn Brown Oden,”Abundance. Joyful Living in Christ.” It captures the inner work necessary to locate the source of abundant living. Ms. Oden skillfully leads the reader on the journey of discovering God through insightful stories and tidbits. One of the tidbits which jumped at me in the first chapter was an amazing quote from a Fifth century Spiritual leader, Abba Poeman. He said “Do not give your heart to that which does not satisfy your heart.” That quote alone was worth the cost of the book.

The quote is a true statement. We do give our hearts to all sorts of things that do not create light, and love, nor help us fulfill our destiny. The Bible calls them idols, and there are lots of them. These things never satisfy us.

God is the only source, the person who can satisfy our hearts. We are told to love Him with everything we have, to place Him first, to have no other gods before Him. And for those who do, something remarkable happens. We become sensitive and open to His call. And with that our hearts, our very souls experience true fulfillment.



In the gospel of John 12:50, Jesus said…”And I know that His command is everlasting life…” Everlasting life is a command, not only a prized gift or by-product of salvation. Our spirits are directed, told, instructed to have everlasting life. Wow!!!

But we said no and disobeyed a direct order from God for a shiny new thing. We refused, rejected, rebelled against our commander-in-chief or creator, because we felt we knew better. Think about how different your life would be, if you truly believe in God, and the Lord Jesus Christ. What if the entire world began to believer? What would the world look like? There would be less mayhem, less hardened hearts, less blinded eyes, less monsters under the bed. Just imagine a world filled with the pure light of truth, love, beauty, joy, peace and the glory of God. Where would you be now, and what would you be doing?
What changes would you make to have everlasting life? How would you change?
Anne Graham Lotz once wrote, “As we live moment by moment under the control of the Spirit, His character, which is the character of Jesus, becomes evident to those around us.” It’s really up to you. Your choice to make. Do you want to experience more mayhem, darkness or do you want everlasting life?
The answer is evident.